The famous painter Giovanni Segantini who lived in Soglio for several winters used to call it «La soglia del paradiso» (the threshold of paradise).

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It takes time to find the soul of the Bregaglia valley. Time in which one can for example hike up to the Maiensäss (summer alp settlement) of Tombal, where one can sit in the grass, enjoy the wildness of the valley, lie an afternoon under a chestnut tree, listen to murmuring streams and read a book.

The narrow, steep mountain valley the and the big wide world. This contrast is omnipresent in the Bregaglia valley. The Salis palazzo in Bondo with it's little palace garden, the Ciäsa Granda in Stampa with its art exhibitions, the Castelmur Palazzo near Stampa in Moorish style – they all tell tales from a time when many of the inhabitants of the Bregaglia valley went away to the wider world and became famous. 


Welcome to the Bregaglia valley

An idyllic valley that connects the canton of Grisons with Italy.
A paradise for hikers and climbers, but also a quiet refuge for artists. Being the birthplace of the artist Alberto Giacometti, the Bregaglia valley with its special panorama was home and inspired many artists, for example Giovanni Segantini and Varlin. 

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